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Also available as an oversize paperback by early January, 2017.

ISBN No: 978-0-9854193-2-5


From Crisis Response Publishing (this website).
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With Donald Trump's election as President there has been an unprecedented interest in Americans moving to Canada. AmeriCanada? covers that and its chapter on this is being greatly expanded (even though this isn't the main thrust of the book). The complexities (and expenses) of such a move deserve detailed attention--and you'll get it if that's what interests you.
William Seavey


Cross Border Connections
(and the Possibilities for
Our One Big Town)

An American Calls for Much Improved Relations with our
Northern "Cousin" Canada

In the 21st century Americans should no longer ignore Canadians--and Canadians should no longer disparage Americans for a variety of supposed slights and ills...

Below are a dozen issues we both need to confront for the sake of North American cohesiveness, strength and understanding. (WITHOUT abrogating individual sovereignty).

(1) Terrorist acts in Canada have occurred just as they have in the U.S.--collaboration greatly needed! BOTH our seats of government have now been breached. (We aren't safe apart, can we be safer together??)

(2) The North American continent needs greater unity to combat predations by other nations (especially China and Russia). The Northwest Territories are ripe for overseas exploitation. Until now there has been little mutual defense against usurpation.

(3) Cross border trade has slowed to a crawl due to inadequate infrastructure upgrades, politics and NAFTA complexities/inadequacies. The Canadian currency has recently sunk to a new low. The U.S. is Canada's largest trading partner but will this continue amicably?

(4) Canada's arguably largest supply of oil on the North American continent remains mostly embargoed at the 49th parallel. The Keystone XL pipeline issue is a huge impediment to mutual understanding and progress on both sides of the border, and it continues to create rancor.

(5) Many citizens of both countries who want to live or vacation (north or south) are often being treated like invaders instead of friendly travelers seeking cross cultural experiences. It's a far cry from years ago when borders were essentially porous. (Thank 9/11).

(6) Most Americans don't know it but Canadians have made great strides and now rival or exceed Americans in wealth, natural resources, crime prevention, banking, educational attainment, healthcare and life satisfaction in general among other things). Appreciation needed!

(7) Canada's recently established low corporate tax rate (16.5% compared to the U.S.'s 35%) makes investment there attractive--so corporate wealth is bound to begin migrating northward unless the U.S. becomes vindictive and protective. Split the difference?

(8) Border crossings and boundaries are meaningless to species other than humans. More programs need to be established to encourage cross border protections and resettlements of endangered wildlife.

(9) Nor does climate change know borders or boundaries. Agriculture, shipping, forestation etc. should be seen as North American and not just individual country issues. Climate change is a threat to the citizens of both countries.

(10) Fresh water is seen by Canadians as their country's most valuable resource by a margin of 3-1 (Nanos Poll). The U.S. has adequate fresh water but is experiencing serious drought especially in its Southwest. Is there any chance both countries can manage this resource together?

(11) An early 2016 Bloomberg poll revealed that 4 out of 10 Americans actually want a wall separating the U.S. from Canada. Has it come to this?

(12) With Trudeau's and Trump's inaugurations more Americans than ever are considering moving northward; a CBS news poll revealed that prior to Trump's election as President, 21% would have considered it. (The Canadian immigration site recently "crashed"). Relocation advisable??

2017 Copyright: Bill Seavey: All Rights Reserved


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